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The Secrets of Staying with the Pack of Green-CD-T279 1 cd

"Secrets of Staying with the Pack of Green" is a multi-faceted talk that on a practical level, informs one on how to navigate through Diablo when playing the game with a group of others in real time. On a far more subtle level, this talk offers fundamental and critical guidelines on how to work with, participate in, benefit from, and contribute to the esoteric functions of a spiritual school. The talk is packed full of simple methods of "how to be". This talk is equally powerful and incredibly useful for gamers and non-gamers alike.
Kathleen Dreier, AZ

I could only assume that those not familiar with the practice of playing Diablo - as a Spiritual Gaming tool - may wonder why 'STAYING WITH THE PACK OF GREEN' is such an important topic? Or for that matter - the importance of 'STAYING WITH THE PACK OF GREEN' in any aspect of life. Well I to wuz-a-wondering about this profoundly simple idea yet eventually discovered the message being given here is about ATTITUDE and SERVICE toward our fellow mankind -THE POG!
Hans Maack, Prince George, B.C.

It is said, "the secret keeps itself," in which case, it will need to work overtime to stay a secret after one listens to this talk. E.J. Gold, along with Claude Needham, reveal the secret of how to "stay with the pack of green." The simple and direct method given in this talk has immediate practical application in the ongoing Bardo Safaris. Many practical examples are discussed as well as the general theory. With these simple instructions your Bardo Safaris are sure to go up a notch. Bam! And let us not neglect the obvious implications for one's daily bardo work. Whether you run with the pack in Bardo Safaris, or not, this is a must listen if you want to do more than run around in circles for the rest of your life. Many real life applications of these principles. . .

great talk tonight. altho' not a gamer, great insight into advancing the transformation. particularly appreciated idea of teamwork, the POG, as you say, a necessary tool and too true. one can only go so far in the journey on one's own. the tool for growth lies in the the POG. what a wonderful allgory (sp?) and rings true in this moment. i look forward to more talks to exploring this realm of 'gaming' for advancement.
maliam,, somewhere on the internet E.J. Gold expounds upon the alchemical leverage that exists within an equation where the variable have been reduced down to one; how to exploit leverage in the process of awakening; how we might utilize a common online gaming environment both as an alchemical training ground and a catalyst in this aim.

CD-T280 Get the Edge

Legitimate strategies that you can employ to make yourself a winner every time. Team-friendly ploys, gimmicks and gaffs that will make you the best team or solo player that you can be. Many trade secrets given here.

Bardo Safari Alert - this talk saves a lifetime of experimentation. Beginning in the sublime, EJ ties fairgame; no cheats ; no codes; a distinction between wishing and prayer to the real necessity to penetrate the reality of a space and deliberately and consciously exploit it! Wow - a voyager's treasure chest. This talk gets into specifics of tactics in the game. If you Safari - this talk is the best thing you can put in your pack.

Getting the edge provided information unknown to me. The tough secrets of better homes and Barbarians is disclosed in a down to earth discussion between the Author of The Anygame Cookbook for Spiritual Gaming, Claude Needham, and World Renouned Gamer Gorebagg the Lost. Why and when to use Tps instead of teleporting and what to do with those large sums of cash(in the Game) in order to trick out a higher level character? When is specially imbued equipment better used than assigned skill points? If you can use answers to questions like this, see this valuable gaming resource.
under an assumed named Oxymoron

CD-T281 Mercs and Money

This CD is like a cheat sheet. This gave me soooo much inside information(to my level). Not only with regard to mercenaries in diablo 2 (mercs), but, there seemed to be character by character tips given. I found out why to bolster my coffers as I go from normal to nightmare and then hell and where to keep the money for safety, what to do with those pesky ethereal items, where to get a good manicure for you merc .....well may be not that. Gorebag and Xxaxx elucidate on the complimentary auras of mercs, how and by what name specific merc auras can help in the POG and what acts and what types of games you can obtain the most awesome merc. I found the most helpful tip to be about the mind. You be the judge. Do not miss this multi-leveled insider teaching on the Way of Games.
Written by Oxymoron

CD-T282 Druid Secrets

CD-T283 Character Classes
character classes
This talk hits us with a blunt truth... "As an experienced player, you realize that characters come and go." "Every character is capable of high achievement. If we find our character isn't doing well, it's not the class of character - it's you." Safari character class rundown in detail.

CD-T284 Magic Find For Fun & Profit Level 1 - Preparing to Begin to Get Ready to Start

Everything you never needed to know about magic find isn't contained in this talk. If you've ever wanted to seriously exercise the discipline, patience, and discernment necessary for serious and effective magic find you might consider psychiatric treatment which you will surely need after listening to this talk. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. But we're sure we'll be satisfied with your money.

CD-T286 The Mystery of Skill Points 2CD set
The Mystery of Skill Points I

A patchwork of moods, this talk begins with a player's re-immersion into the new version Team Fortress version; moves into a question raised in Safari "How do I assign my stack(?) points and skill points?" exposing both the complexity of, and the delicacy demanded when guiding others; and onto the entrepreneurial side of selling game goodies on

CD-T289 How To Accept a Pro Rush

CD-T290 How Not to Be a Noob Even Though i r one

Nobody likes to be called a noob. Here are the basic things you need to know to look like a pro player even at level one.

Somewhat in the spirit of the original Clan LOL directive: "Be kind to newbies," Claude Needham and EJ Gold outline a variety of ill-fated activities that would have pro players of Diablo2 labeling non-pro players as "newbish".

How not to be a noob even though i r 1
This talk was quit the swift kick in the pants. Inside, Professional Gamers Colonel Gorebag and General Xxaxx discussed many behaviors and faux paus that point to the poor upbringing of some noobs or what they are calling: acting “newbish.” What is newbish as compared to just plain foolish? What to say while riding the bus. Many questions are answered by the phrase stay with the…..the POG Are idiots and noobs the same thing? Significant downloads for definitions such as lmao and other abbreviations frequently asked in online gaming. Also clear tips and hints about chat and timing for chat or the expertise of dumb questions. Some of the talk feels a lot like what I would call good gaming etiquette. Not that Maqsud is familiar! Straight forward talk about refinement of various different Baal runs and Tal Heads. As a bonus, how to recognize the potency or impotency of different character classes, barbs and magic finds and who is running the game? The nibble away system is elaborated. All the name calling aside, I would like to introduce the abbreviation ssvod and its proper use. This timely reference is to a twitchy 3rd class energy waste of a team mate or recent arrival. Hey don’t be such an ssvod. Or, here did you get that ssvod? Ssvod - Swirling, sucking, vortex of despair. Just consider this my joyful contribution.
Written by Oxymoron

Pro Hell Gamer I - CD-T287

Pro Hellgamer 1 I had forgotten this talk for a while. We've been doing the safaris and pro-hellgamer training. Then I had to listen to it for a book that is being written. Wow, it is a must. If you are interested in this work at all and are actually working on self, this is one of the ones you want.
Talk with E.J. and Claude after a special safari that dealt with what happened in hell with one of the groups. It addresses group work at it's core, using diablo team building and composition. Individual diablo characters and their use are discussed as it relates to a group that functions in a particular way. Decision on which characters will be included in this safari group and why. Goes into characters for a group that will learn to cooperate. Some information on the exact type of character and some equipment necessary.
This is a talk especially useful for those in the intermediate level of training or those wanting to go the next step. Excellent information on anyone who wonders why are we doing this? Goes into the purpose of why we build our groups this way and the challenges someone faces in working this way.
Priceless correspondences on how working and functioning in such a group will affect the internal and challenge your ego. If you are interested in this work at all, it is a must.

EJ Gold and Claude Needham discuss the merits and specifics of diablo characters and team development. The discourse deepens into team work translating into an ability to "interiorize" oneself as a team of one, but composed of different parts." Self as team, aka "teamself."

CD-T288 Pro Hell Gamer II
If you think the material in Pro Hell Gamer I was pure dynamite, just wait til you get a hold of this!

Are you wondering how Diablo2 works as a diagnostic tool for E.J. Gold to see directly into your body of habit and diagnose your human condition?? In this talk, E.J. Gold lets the genie the whole way out of the bottle while still keeping secret just exactly what he intends to do with such a diagnosis. Correctly constructed characters combined with correctly constructed teams leaves us with one variable only - you!

CD-T292 The Work is Greater Than Yourself

Revealing an important work idea using the model of training on a bardo training team, this talk clearly delivers the "bottom line" on the attitude required for working in the Work - one's situation in a Work life. Gold also presents a Bardo Training tool which gives us the opportunity to transmute the "life" habits into "work" habits, habits that before now were completely invisible. In the Bardo Training we see how we live our lives, how we handle the sudden ambushes of the Labyrinth, and how we are able to work in a group. Bardo Training also provides, in a fun and safe way, the opportunity to bring ourselves in line with the Work self we wish to build.

All cdt's 1 CD except for the title specified as 2CDs.

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Spiritual Gaming - an interview with E.J. Gold. Moses Silbinger and Claude Needham August 3, 2010. Women's Safari almost overnight - Saturday at 10am Bardo Training on youtube - You don't have to kill everything Gorebag on youtube
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