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During this Week (September, 17, 2008) the Gorebagg Assassin Character attained to level 99. In one place I saw the number 10,000 baal runs - many is the number - but a many on that scale.
I have been running a Sorc - Tesla's Touch - which is just now level 90. I imagine, that I participated in approximately 1% of the total effort, maybe a bit less or more. Some of the characters were in 100% or close to that much of the effort.
I had a few observations about my character. I noticed that for
the most part my job was to teleport somewhere. Generally into the Throne room. When I started the task - early on in the effort. I was thrilled with the idea of teleporting to the Throne room and showing how well I could do the task. I was ok. A bit puffed up but, I could see I was simply not that good.
In the course of helping in the effort to help Gorebag achieve an almost impossible task, I found new ways to get to the goal of "simply" doing the job. I got hints from DinChi several times. I noticed that the task became more simple. Some of the issues surrounding my skill level dropped, and only before me was the task. As the job of helping became simply a job of helping, the skill level increased. Now the Sorc can do a fairly decent job. But, maybe only in this context.
But, the job of teleporting is not really a task of teleporting to the Throne room, as it is a series of tasks. Each task requiring a stern attention to the job at hand, enough attention to push out concerns of ego and success and failure. There was only the task of doing it over and over.
Yes, it was highly repetitive. But, each move, each repetition was a unit in itself, requiring the same level of attention, that never decreased. Just like at the moment of prayer - if the attention wanes, it is no longer a prayer, but rather a recitation of words.
Plus, only in doing this kind of Sorc work, was my character able to level.
Both, the increase in ability and increase in the level of the character were brought about by the task of helping another, helping an assassin get to 3,520,000,000 points. It was a tangible representation of how helping someone in a Work effort does help the helper.
That was part of the benefit for a participant in 1% of the effort - thanks to those who did and are doing the lion's share of the heavy lifting.
... and at the end of the day - I am a better Sorc for it. (heheheehe)

Thank you
For me,what I thought was only a 4 day intensive became several months of work. but fun work .
Many times I was going to give up. What was the point of doing the same thing over and over , but now i know, that's the Work, My attention grew, my skill level increased.It wasn't about me anymore just the intent of helping some one and I hung in there to the end. So to all of those I played with. I wish to say thank you . I ended up with level 90 assassin and a level 87 sorc who still needs practice teleporting. Path