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The 2005 Bardo Safari Challenge and Bake Sale Top 7

Click here for pictures

1st place: Don A.
elemental druid
level 72
act 3 hell
q: duriel
wp: kurast docks

2nd place: Eric F.
level 67
act 1 hell
q: cain
wp: inner cloister

3rd place: David DGF.
level 63
act 1 hell
q: cain
wp: dark wood

4th place: Kevin M.
lvl 60
act 1 hell
q: baal in nightmare
wp: rogue encampment, hell

5th place: Tanra K.
New Mexico
lvl 59
act 5 nightmare
q: rescue
wp: arreat plateau

6th place: Mishkin K.
New Mexico
lvl 52
act 5 nightmare
q: shenk the overseer
wp: frigid highland

7th place: Mena
lvl 51
act 4 nightmare
q: mephisto
wp: pandemonium

Bardo Safari Challenge and Bake Sale 2005

Bardo Safari Challenge and Bake Sale
Text in espanol, italiano, deutsch, portugues, norwegian, indonesian

Congratulations to each and everyone who participated!!! It was an overwhelmingly positive response. More than 50 players participated in the weeklong event. Those are the ones we know about since they sent in the information about their character.

Folks had fun, enjoyed the challenge, learned things they did not know and across the board expressed gratitude for this exercise. Challenged at various points and levels, from getting out of rogue encampment in act 1 to facing their limits in hell...not to speak of finding the time to participate at all, many discovered that yes, they could do it, or, wow, how hard it can be, alone and without a group.

Below some of the comments we received along with the character stats. Thanks, guys and gals, for those too.

The Quest was for killing the monsters of the Den - almost completed.
At least a start. It is very fun and interesting!
Kind regards,

Per H., Norway

Thanks for the assignment, it was fun! See you tomorrow morning in the safari.
Justin T., Texas

Wow...I couldn't make it past Duriel, had a level 21 barb which started as a jav barb and...anyway...that was a learning experience. The intensity of the deadline and the need to go for it at all costs was a real eye opener.
Grant A., New Jersey

it was fun
Kevin M., Florida

This has been a great exercise. I had to study my characters attributes as I planned out my life to see how to play him in this setting. It was like taking rebirth to start the game.
Very cool training.

Nev., California

Thank you for the Challenge!

Marc S., Calfornia

Hey, That was fun!
Brendan S., Canada

Playing untwinked is lovely, strong sensations of the first times i played, having to get every important waypoint, no assistance at all, good.
Eric F., Spain

Thanks for the thoughts and the challenge
dgf., California

If I had more time I would have gotten further. I need more hours in the day, and more days in the week. :)
TiTo, New Mexico

Are you giving booby prizes?

Pat McD., California

I have had more fun with this character than any I have played so far, thanx for the challenge.
Tanra, New Mexico

Dressed as a Barbarian in a pool of an ungodly amount of blood in the "normal" (hah!) realm. 1st time I ever tried Barb.
I welcome prizes for the lowest level if that is also an award category.
Fondly, Respectfully, Remorsefully,

Kathleen D., New Mexico

I enjoyed the challenge.

Don A., Maryland

This was a very useful exercise. Thank you for setting it up.
Tamara M., New Jersey

I had a lot of fun building this character, and i enjoyed the added difficulty of no-items-or-backup while the race was on.
I hope to see you in gametime soon.

Mishkin, Arizona

I learned a lot and would like to have spent more time on the exercise. It was fun! Thanks for the opportunity.
AV H., California

Here Don's druid Chaldru in Kurast Docks in hell

Kruit's (Kevin) druid just arrived in hell.

Mena's assassin in act 4 pesadilla

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