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Shapeshifter Safaris

Let's see what can happen in an all hairy furry shapeshifter safari.

These safaris lead by E.J. Gold are open to noobies and experienced players alike.

Running around as a pack of werewolves adds extra fun to the training session.

We'll see how things turn out in the higher far the packs have proven to be very effective.

There are several different shapeshifter groups at this time.

E.J. on Safari with a Shapeshifter IV group, getting ready to kill Baal.

For more information or if you are interested in joining, contact us at 530-271-2239. We will place you on the waiting list for the next shapeshifter I safari.

Ladder reset For ladder season 7 - September 28, 2010.
Spiritual Gaming - an interview with E.J. Gold. Moses Silbinger and Claude Needham August 3, 2010. Women's Safari almost overnight - Saturday at 10am Bardo Training on youtube - You don't have to kill everything Gorebag on youtube
New Ladder Intensive 2010

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Once again: Team Fortress. Click here for TF2 and get ready to roll.
F&B safaris - click here for Afterlife Adventures. For information, please call 530-271-2239 or 800-869-0658
"Interesting bits - FUN"

By popular request, we offer: "AT HOME BARDO BASICS", the Bardo Training Basics at home study course. Since 2005, also available in Spanish and Italian.
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