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Here is what Yamil, Argentina, had to say after his first safari on Feb 4, 2007

Hello Christiane

Really really I donīt have the exact words to describe the first safari. It was a mix of several impressions, some of its are news for me and others not.
More concretely, one of my common behavors that I saw in the safari is my idea of finding some smart-secret-easy-to-use tricks to work on one self. Instead of that I realize that I already know the key concept of the safari, the attitude of work, but I think that it never was so present as it was during the safari. I feel it as a better understanding.
By other side, the safari gave me the possibility of seeing me working in a very active group, forgetting the quest, losing the group, taking different roles in different moments, evaluating which item to pick up and which not and a big one was the crash of the game at the beginning of the safari :).
It astonished to me the fast leveling of all the members of the party during the game, the work in group really work :).
I think I could write some others things but I am not sure if I am going by the right way. How did you see the safari and me there in?



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