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Hello everyone

E.J. Gold, aka Gorebag, says that Bardo Training is the most important work he has to do -- to impart the ability to develop bardo habits, habits that can be built in while you still have the ability to build them in, so that the "habits that carry you through" are good ones.

In this training, you get a chance to see the habits that you have, that you actually use, day in and day out. You may or may not want to continue to perpetuate those habits if you want to travel successfully through the bardos and your life.

Create habits that work.

During online safaris, there are countless opportunities for self observation, sensing, voyaging, communication and team work. As you face shocking ambushes, your reactions to them will become evident. Your attention, by necessity, will be trained.

Team Fortress is once again available to us for online Bardo Training. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate. Fifteen years ago, E.J. and a close group of students spent literally 18-20 hrs a day working in the TF environment and it was well worth it. Ask anyone who was involved and you'll see their eyes light up. Those of you who have been exploring other online environments with us can easily see, sense and feel the difference. As one participant said upon hearing that we'll be having TF2 safaris again: “This is music to my ears”.

TF2 is one of the most profound tools for Bardo Training and it is only going to be available to us for a short time. In the last few weeks, E.J. has pointed out a number of times that we will not have forever to do Team Fortress.

Don't miss this opportunity.

TF2 safaris are open to all.

Getting into Team Fortress is not easy. It challenges you from start to finish That's not the problem, that's the opportunity. You know what the problem is, and Bardo Training is the answer. Once in a game with others, you will die a lot, you'll get totally lost, you'll panic and generally freak out. Not to worry, you can learn not to panic, at least some others have :)

For a list of benefits of online Bardo Training, check out this link.

TF2 Bardo Training safaris are available every Saturday at 330pm PT on Gorebag's Slayground Safari Server. Safaris are 2 hr long online training workshops.

TF2 does not replace Diablo as our safari work environment. The game play, lessons and team experience in Diablo and TF2 are different. One cannot replace the other.

What do you have to do to join TF2 safaris?

You need to have Team Fortress 2 installed on your computer and be able to join games. Go ahead and start practicing. E.J. recommends to stay with the 2 fort map to begin.

Those of you who would like to be in safaris with us, please let us know. We will need your Steam game name and you will need some information to join us. Safaris last 2 hrs and the tuition is $25. Click here to get started.

Hope to see you online soon.

The Bardo Training Team

Ladder reset For ladder season 7 - September 28, 2010.
Spiritual Gaming - an interview with E.J. Gold. Moses Silbinger and Claude Needham August 3, 2010. Women's Safari almost overnight - Saturday at 10am Bardo Training on youtube - You don't have to kill everything Gorebag on youtube
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New, now available: REMOTING SAFARIS - click here to find out more
Once again: Team Fortress. Click here for TF2 and get ready to roll.
F&B safaris - click here for Afterlife Adventures. For information, please call 530-271-2239 or 800-869-0658
"Interesting bits - FUN"

By popular request, we offer: "AT HOME BARDO BASICS", the Bardo Training Basics at home study course. Since 2005, also available in Spanish and Italian.
For available Bardo Training CDs click here