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New Diablo Ladder 2010

The new ladder is here again, March 23, 2010 - and again we invite you to participate in this special diablo safari times. This time there is also a new patch. Hell has been particularly hellish this time, or so it seems. Will we go to level 99 again - we'll see. Come join us.

Gorebagg 99 or bust

Unprecedented training opportunity during diablo ladder season 5, starting June 17, 2008

Join us for this amazing adventure.
Many task are available in this projects for all level of involvement. Click here for more .

In addition, this year, you ALL have the chance to really master hell in diablo. A well run hell baal is a thing of beauty and elegance, courage and mastery. Don't deprive yourself of this experience.
It's so amazing the many levels we have been working at in the safaris...internal, external, individual and group. It's been a most valuable tool for all of us. I encourage you to particiapte as fully as you can this coming year. Gorebagg 99 or bust
Call 530-271-2239 for information.

Click here for some testimonials.

om mani padme hum during a safari baal run

Baal run early on with #1 sorc and non botting sweet_jane

After 3 months, on September 17, gorebagg hits lvl 99 see it here:

Yay, what an adventure ...thanks to all the folks in safaris, op baals, op deity- and especially DinChi, furst, time_limit, Finalle_Hammer, sweet_jane and many more, including all the d setters along the way and the good and cheerful company, Immortal_Dinner and FierceDead.

and, for a little while, gorebagg is #1 of the total ladder


Ladder reset For ladder season 7 - September 28, 2010.
Spiritual Gaming - an interview with E.J. Gold. Moses Silbinger and Claude Needham August 3, 2010. Women's Safari almost overnight - Saturday at 10am Bardo Training on youtube - You don't have to kill everything Gorebag on youtube
New Ladder Intensive 2010

New, now available: REMOTING SAFARIS - click here to find out more
Once again: Team Fortress. Click here for TF2 and get ready to roll.
F&B safaris - click here for Afterlife Adventures. For information, please call 530-271-2239 or 800-869-0658
"Interesting bits - FUN"

By popular request, we offer: "AT HOME BARDO BASICS", the Bardo Training Basics at home study course. Since 2005, also available in Spanish and Italian.
For available Bardo Training CDs click here